Wide Range of Services

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Our Services

With vast experience in the custom audio and video integration industry, Newport Home Theaters provides a range of services.

AV Blueprinting

These include custom-designed blueprints that fit your home entertainment planning.


Smart Home Automation

Whether you are walking in the door or done for the day, one button press or voice command can control the front door, set the lights, turn the TV on to your favorite show, play music through your speakers, operate the shades, and set the thermostat. The possibilities are virtuously endless.

Surveillance Cameras

Keep your home safe, covering every angle for your needs.



Multi-room audio/video distribution will make sure you don't miss anything.

Now you can watch that big game in the living room, or all over the home, or even listen to it outside using your patio speakers.

Home Network/WiFi

Professional-grade infrastructure providing robust and reliable gigabit speeds.


Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting will influence the ambience of a home while also providing convenience and energy efficiency. Enhance or dim any light in the room or the entire house with a single touch.

Universal Remote

Utilize just one remote to control everything - a simple and easy-to-use single-button press programming to fit your lifestyle needs.

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Home Theaters

Transform a room in your home to create your personal movie theater. From a massive 140" screen, immersive and all-encompassing Dolby Atmos sound, to motorized recliners, a dedicated home theater is a hit for all movie buffs.

Climate Control

Cool down or heat up your home before you get there for maximum comfort


Motorized Shading

Light filtering fabric that cuts down glare without obstructing that great view or total blackout shades for complete privacy. Motorized Shading is a must have for the modern home.

Remote Monitoring

At home or the office, ar even at the beach, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind to check the security system, lights, and temperature with ease.


Fiber Optic Cabling

We install fiber optic cables for future resistance of technology in homes.

Concept Drawings

We provide a variety of visual conceptions for rooms that are in the process of remodeling, upgrading, or new construction.


Outdoor AV Systems

Make the most of the warmer months and bring your garden and patio to life with an outdoor audio/video system designed for you. Have friends over for a barbeque, throw a party under the stars or just relax in your own backyard; Newport Home Theaters lets you set the tone for any outdoor entertaining with your favorite movies and music.