Home Automations in Newport Beach, CA

How smart is your home? Home automation is a rising trend for today's homeowners because these upgrades can improve your home's efficiency, comfort, and convenience. If you want to see what home automations can do for your Newport Beach, CA, home, contact Newport Home Theaters, Inc, today. We'll work with you to upgrade your property in the best ways for you and your family.

Benefits of Home Automation

Put simply, smart home automation includes a range of appliances and devices that connect to a network that you can remotely control. For example, you could connect your home's lights, thermostat, TVs, locks, and even appliances into the same network, which means you can control all of those things with your phone.

That convenience is one of the best benefits of home automation upgrades, but other important benefits include:

  • Increased home security: You can incorporate smart locks and security cameras into your smart home system, which means you can lock your doors and check your cameras from anywhere. You can even get security alerts on your phone so that you're always aware of any threats.
  • Improved efficiency: With a smart thermostat that you can control from anywhere, you'll never waste energy heating or cooling your home again. Program your lights and roller shades to provide optimal lighting so that no energy is wasted.

The possibilities and benefits of home automation are virtually endless because you are limited only by your imagination and technology. We can help you connect almost all of your devices and tech into your smart home system, so give us a call today to take advantage of these benefits.

Benefits of Working With Us

Newport Home Theaters, Inc, has over 16 years of experience in the technology industry. We pride ourselves on our customized approach because we recognize that everyone's situation, property, and budget are different. When you hire us, we'll work closely with you to make sure you get the home automation benefits you want.

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